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Independent Registered Psychologist services from Dennis Roberts, Educational Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole, Dorset & Hampshire. All Chartered ( Educational ) Psychologists are members of The British Psychological Society- BPS - Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1965 - Registered Charity No.229642 and subject to its Code of Conduct, Ethical Principles & Guidelines. On 1st July 2009 the responsibility for regulating Psychologists' fitness to practise transferred to the Health Professions Council (HPC). Registered professionals are listed online at (select Practitioner Psychologist).

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We offer professional, confidential EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST ASSESSMENTS and advice for adults and children. We specialize in educational psychologist assessments of cognitive skills and abilities, academic achievement and attainment in literacy and numeracy - in reading, spelling and handwriting skills, and assessment of learning disabilities: e.g. including assessment reports required by students applying for a Disabled Student Allowance or DSA (i.e. a full educational psychologist assessment report, an assessment of performance attainment, a review or "top-up" report); assessments to support applications for access arrangements for examinations (GCSE, etc.); assessments for Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs), dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and dyspraxia; assessment reports to identify learning difficulties and make recommendations for meeting learning or training needs in the workplace and assessments required for employment tribunals.

Resources & Products

SWIM Spelling strategy techniques picture illustrating imagery, association, multisensory learning and constructive responses by Dennis Roberts, Educational Psychologist Spelling With IMagery spelling strategy picture acronym by Dennis Roberts, Educational Psychologist RESOURCES FOR EARLY LITERACY & NUMERACY
includes word and number lists, facts, ideas for games

Teaching & Learning Spelling Strategies

utilizes imagery, association,visualization, multisensory learning

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Assessment of Handwriting Skills


Handwriting Assessment front page imageimage of sample page from Handwriting AssessmentA structured assessment of Handwriting Skills
for children & pupils of all ages, grades, year levels
and key stages;
available as a PDF Acrobat File.

Managing Learning & Behaviour - in preparation -



A systematic protocol for observing, recording and reviewing communication strategies used by teachers and trainers when teaching or instructing groups in the classroom or lecture theatre. It provides materials for profiling and reporting back observations of verbal and non-verbal strategies used by teachers, instructors or lecturers to manage learning and behaviour.

sample graphics from observation profile dataimage from Profiling Communication Strategies cover showing Individual Profile

View a summary of the pilot study on this website at Profiling Communication Strategies for Managing Learning and Behaviour

A research paper with an evaluation of the pilot study data by Professor Cecilio Mar Molinero is also published online in the Discussion Paper Series - Management Papers 2002, University of Southampton, School of Management and as an html file at Discussion Papers in Management "Profiling, Developing and Assessing Effective Strategies for Managing Learning and Behaviour" by D.Roberts & C. Mar Molinero (2001)

Location & Availability

Our practice is based in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole. Psychological assessments for learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia can be arranged in Dorset and Hampshire.

FREE INITIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION with no obligation. WEEKEND ASSESSMENTS in Bournemouth are also available at no extra cost. This is a popular choice for people who can't change their weekday commitments, and avoids any time off work or school. Many clients now come from further afield (e.g. from Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston, Wimbledon, Slough, Reading, Newbury, etc.) for a day trip or weekend to enjoy the amenities Bournemouth has to offer, e.g. sandy beaches, surfing, aquarium, golf, restaurants, cinemas, music and live entertainment, etc.

All work is undertaken directly with clients, face to face, not via the internet.

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